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Can I implement vouched in reactjs app

Not able to find any sdk for react-js

CSS conflicts with MUI themes.

It seems Vouched JS uses MUI. This means that any existing MUI theme styles will have clashing names. A similar question was asked in <>.

Not able to have anyone at vouched answer my call

Need some help, had the account for a while, and can not reach anyone by phone. I left phone messages in the past on all available vouched phone numbers ,and had no follow up call. Same now ,Whats going on ???

Get Supported ID Documents ERR-ELVU1O

Hi! I can't check the sample 200 response of Get Supported ID Documents. ⚠️ This reference guide is currently experiencing difficulties and will be back online shortly. (ERR-ELVU1O) Can you help us with this?

Error messages

Hello ! I use vouched js plugin for my project. I'd really appreciate it if you are able to give me a hint where I can find a list of vouched error messages. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Photo mirroring

I use the js plugin in my angular application. Is there an ability to flip the taken photo? So, I mean, during the selfie we see the mirrored photo, but it is send as not. Is there an option to keep it mirrored?

How to change the content of SMS received

How can I customise the text received to include my site name instead of organisations name?

JSPlugin Console.logs

There is a lot of output into the console when running the JS plugin, is there any way to configure that so we can turn it off for our Prod Environment? Or are there any plans to add that configuration in the future?

Type Definitions

I have an Angular 12 Typescript application, and would like to import Vouched and work with it in a typescript friendly manner. I see an npm package for that has type definitions, but can't seem to find any reference to this in the docs, it doesn't have a readme, and the link on NPM does not lead anywhere. Is this a package that is officially supported, or is there another way I can pull in types without setting them up manually?

Two last names

What is Vouched policy regarding a passport which has two last names recorded, and only one of them is sent (via js plugin) to match against in the `verification.lastName` property? Is that considered a pass or not?