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How can i enable SSN number?

When can I SSN checks api call and pass param those error show is like: { "type": "SSNAccountConfigErrorType", "message": "SSN verification has not been enabled for this account" }

How to submit the back of the id in iOS

The iOS SDK session object has a `postCardId` method with an `isFront` param, but also includes a `postBackId` method. Which should be used for submitting the back of the id? Similarly, there are `.id` and `.backId` values for the `VouchedDetectionMode`. I get an error when I try to create `VouchedCameraHelper` with the backId mode though. Using the `.id` mode and `postCardId` method works for the front of the id, but I get a 500 error when I attempt to submit the back of the id this way.


How i take a picture or unluck camera web i dont know how

Any known issue before or after the SSN check?

Page gets stuck either before or after the SSN check. Are there any known causes for this issue?

"Account not found" Error message

When I'm logged into Vouched.Id and after I check the submission of a person I try to click the "Reviewed" checkbox but instead of the checkmark I get the "Account not found" error which doesn't allow me to click that checkbox. I have tried logging in/out several times and checked all my profile information to be correct. Please help me fix this issue. Thank you.

Access Image via API

After a customer completes the vouched process, is there a way to access the images of the ID via the API? We have a use case that requires certain customers to provide an ID to a third party processor and we would like to use our Vouched account to facilitate easy capture of the ID and then send the image to the processor to satisfy their requirement. The PDF Report is not optimal for this use case. Thx.

Can I implement vouched in reactjs app

Not able to find any sdk for react-js

CSS conflicts with MUI themes.

It seems Vouched JS uses MUI. This means that any existing MUI theme styles will have clashing names. A similar question was asked in <>.

Not able to have anyone at vouched answer my call

Need some help, had the account for a while, and can not reach anyone by phone. I left phone messages in the past on all available vouched phone numbers ,and had no follow up call. Same now ,Whats going on ???

Get Supported ID Documents ERR-ELVU1O

Hi! I can't check the sample 200 response of Get Supported ID Documents. ⚠️ This reference guide is currently experiencing difficulties and will be back online shortly. (ERR-ELVU1O) Can you help us with this?