The Vouched API allows you to submit, find, or download identity verification jobs. You can also submit driver license verification jobs, crosscheck jobs, and invite users to verify through a Vouched hosted flow.


Create an Account

Before proceeding, create an account so you can obtain a key and use our API.


Vouched authenticates your requests using your keys. If the key is missing or incorrect in your request, Vouched will not process the request and return an unauthenticated error. API access and data is encrypted in transit using TLS 1.2.

To create your private key for this API, see the Manage Keys section.

Security Scheme TypeHeader Parameter Name

Testing the API

You can test our API directly from this documentation site. Simply paste your private key into the Authentication box on any endpoint page, then click Try It to test the call and see the response.


Testing API Calls


Payload Limits

Please note: the Submit Job endpoint has a payload limit of 20MB. If a request over 20MB is made, we'll return a 413 error.

Example Code

Example use cases for our API are available in Python , Java, React and NodeJS.