Anti-Money Laundering


A rigorous customer screening process is critical to full AML and KYC compliance. With IDV + AML, we combine our award winning identity verification solution with a robust series of checks against real-time global sanction lists, warnings, and proprietary databases of politically exposed persons, ensuring your end user is both identified and safe to transact with.

See here for more information about the AML API endpoint.

Coverage Types

TypeDescriptionSample ListsUpdate Cadence
SanctionsList of persons or entities who are prohibited from using a financial system by government actionOFAC
UN Consolidated EU Consolidated 125+ additional sanction lists
Every 3 to 15 minutes
WatchlistsIssued by law enforcement or other regulatory bodies targeting criminal or non- compliant behaviorCoverage includes over 1,000 global watchlistsEvery 3 to 15 minutes
Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)Flags potential government officials for further review and diligenceProprietary databaseEvery 24 Hours

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Classification

We have four classes of PEP, each based on FATF guidelines.


PEP Classifications

Listed PEPs can also be Relatives and Close Associates (RCAs), which include spouses, partners and children, to give a more accurate insight into the risk of who you’re doing business with.