Vouched Now

Sending an Invite

Sending verification invites is available from the Candidates section (also known as Vouched Now). This is a quick, no-code option to get your users verified right away. When the user starts the verification process, a corresponding verification job is created.

Creating an invite

Creating an invite

  1. Click Candidates from the main menu in your Dashboard
  2. Fill out the candidate's information
  3. Click Create to send the invitation

Filter Candidates

You will see a list of Candidate invites in the next section which can be filtered.

Filter Candidates

Filter Candidates

Invite Status


Checking invite status

Invites have the following status:

  • Sent - The invite has been sent to our third party providers via email or SMS
  • Queued - The invite is queued for delivery by our third party providers via email or SMS
  • Delivered - The invite was delivered via email or SMS
  • Started - The customer has started the verification process
  • Completed - The customer has completed the verification process

Post invite actions are available via more icon (3 dots):

  • Resend - Resend the invite to the user
  • Copy - Copy the invitation message, including the unique invite URL, to the clipboard

Send an invite from your own email address

  1. Fill out the candidate's information
  2. Untick the Send Message box
  3. Click Create
  4. Click the more icon (3 dots) on the newly created invite
  5. Click Copy
  6. Paste the information into your email client and send the message

SMS Invites

We currently support sending SMS invites to US (+1), CA (+1), and UK (+44) phone numbers.