US Driver's License Verification


Customers can validate driver’s licenses, learner’s permits, and government-issued IDs with government and proprietary data sources in 41 US states.

Driver’s License Verification validates the printed data fields from the driver’s license with government and proprietary data sources.

States that are not supported

  • Alaska
  • Louisiana
  • Minnesota
  • New Hampshire
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • Utah

Fields that are being validated

Data FieldSupported in 40 StatesSupported in California
Driver’s License NumberVV
License Type (ie. Commercial)V
Last NameVV
Date of BirthVV
Issue DateV
Expiration DateV

Turning on the feature

  1. If your account hasn't been set for the Driver's License Verification feature yet, please reach out to the Vouched team and ask to turn it on ([email protected]).
  2. Once set on the Vouched side, the feature is live, and Driver's License Verification checks will be added to your candidates' verifications.
  3. The feature can be controlled via your JS plugin account props: verification: { enableDriversLicenseValidation: false}. Setting the field to False will turn it off for the specific job. The feature cannot be turned on solely from the plugin with verification: { enableDriversLicenseValidation: true}. You must have the feature enabled for your account as mentioned above in note 1.

Reading the response

There are two ways to read Driver's License Verification response, via the dashboard and via the job JSON response.

JSON Response:

A DLV object is included under the result object of any job response. Customers can get the responses by setting a callbackURL or using the Vouched Find Job API.

An example of the DLV object:

"result": {
  "dlv": {
    "dlvStatusMessage": "Completed",
    "dlvEnabled": true,
    "result": {
      "stateSupported": true,
      "checkPerformedAt": "2023-02-23T23:24:54.000Z",
      "wasCheckPerformed": true,
      "status": "Approved",
      "source": "governmental",
      "fieldMatchesAvailable": [
      "fieldMatchesFailed": [],
      "fieldMatchesSucceeded": [
      "fieldMatchesUnavailable": [
  • dlvStatusMessage is a string that indicates the status of the dlv job. This can be "Pending", "Completed", or "Error".
  • wasCheckPerformed is a boolean that indicates whether a DLV check was performed with a data source. Getting false means that the check is still in progress or there was an error getting the information. Note that dlvStatusMessage can be "Completed" and wasCheckPerformed can be false at the same time.
  • status in dlv.result can be Approved or Rejected and indicates whether the driver's license details are fully matched. If at least one field appears under fieldMatchesFailed you will get a Rejected result.
  • source field can be governmental or nonGovernmental and indicates whether we used a government based or a proprietary data source.


The DLV tab within your dashboard jobs responses contains all the information, example: