eCBSV SSN Verification

Prevent identity fraud and eliminate unqualified applicants with eCBSV SSN social security number verification.

Vouched electronically verifies social security numbers directly with the Social Security Administration, giving you access to the highest quality data possible. Detect the telltale signs of potential identity theft or fraud, such as invalid SSNs, name mismatches, and SSNs associated with deceased individuals.


Electronic consent-based social security number verification is available for all qualifying financial institutions.


Please Note:

  • Live eCBSV verifications are only allowed to be performed on real users.
  • For every live verification, it is required to collect consent from the end user.
  • To run a test eCBSV verification, follow these steps:

eCBSV SSN Verification requires a separate contract. Please reach out to your account manager or contact [email protected] for information and pricing.

In the meantime, check out the eCBSV SSN API documentation.