Dark Web



Dark Web is currently unavailable. Please reach out to Vouched Support for any questions.



  • The Dark Web feature can be turned on as an add-on to CrossCheck only, which means both features need to be on in order to see the dark web results.

  • Dark Web requires an email address. If a CrossCheck job is submitted without an email address, Dark Web is not displayed on the CrossCheck tab in the Dashboard.

The Dark Web feature is an added data source for Crosscheck. It is a very strong signal for malicious, identity-compromised, or criminal activity. It uses the person's email address to look up criminal activity on dark web sites and applications. Based on customer research, we expect dark web activity to be under 0.5% for most users. The data is displayed on the dashboard on the Crosscheck tab.

  • Warning Signal: A warning signal is shown on the job if the criminal activity passes a certain threshold.
  • Criminal Max Score: Dark web collections are scored from 1-5 in terms of severity. This feature provides the score of the top ranking dark web source associated with the email so you can immediately assess user risk.
  • Criminal Last Seen: Last observed time email was observed to have been used in dark web collections.
  • Criminal Count: Count of instances email was observed to have been used in dark web data collections.

Turning on the feature

  • JS plugin - adding enableDarkWeb = true to the verification object;
  • Invite API - adding "enableDarkWeb" : true;
  • CrossCheck API - adding "darkweb" : true; or
  • Ask Vouched team to turn it on to your account for any other integration methods.