On the Jobs page, you can see a list of all the verification jobs that have been run in your Vouched account.

  1. Click Jobs on the left menu
  2. If applicable, filter the verification jobs using the top form

Jobs have the following status:

  • Approved - The verification process has been completed and approved
  • Failed - The verification process has failed
  • Active - User is in the process of being verified
  • Removed - The job was deleted by the account admin
  • Warning - The verification process was completed and may require a review

Manually Review Jobs

Once a specific job has been selected, for cases where a manual review is required, the user can override the results.

  1. Click Jobs on the left menu
  2. Select the job to be reviewed
  3. Click on the Review tab
  • The status of the job is dependent on the status of the processes defined below it (Valid ID, Valid Selfie, Reverification, etc.)
  • The grey status icon on the right indicates the process that had a result below the threshold. For icons with a x symbol, selecting the icon will switch it to an approved / check symbol if the reviewer deems it to be an error by the system. Changing every x icon will change the Status icon to approved.

Delete Jobs

  • Deleted jobs cannot be retrieved
  • In the Jobs section, the verification jobs are in descending order based on time
  • Click on the job to be deleted.
  • Select the DANGER tab and type in the job id in the ID field.
  • Click the Remove button to delete the job.