No-code integration solution

Zapier is a no-code workflow automation platform that integrates with 3,000+ apps including Slack, G Suite, and Salesforce. It’s a really powerful way for non-technical (and technical) users to connect Vouched to existing workflows.

Here’s a simple example that sends a message to a Slack channel when a new verification job is submitted to Vouched:


Setting up the workflow in Zapier

And here's what it could look like in Slack:


Slack is notified with new verification job details

Connecting to Zapier

First, click here to get access to our private Zapier app. Next, paste your private key when prompted. That's it!



A trigger is an event that starts a Zap (Zapier's name for a workflow).

New Job

This trigger fires when Zapier detects a new Job in Vouched (of any type) using the Find Jobs API endpoint.


An action is an event a Zap performs after it is triggered.

Send Invite

This action sends an invite to a candidate for verification using the Send Invite API endpoint.

Find Job

This action looks up a job from Vouched using the Find Jobs API endpoint.